1. General Information

www.bqckit.com (now from, the “Website”) ownership is hold by Bioquochem S.L, with VAT number ESB74389388 and contact details:


Edificio CEEI, Parque Tecnológico de Asturias

33428, Llanera, Asturias, Spain

Phone: +34 985269292


Signed up on the Asturias Commercial Registry Tome 4137, Folio 211, Section 8, paper 48252, inscription 1

2. Application limit and object

  • The present General Shopping Terms (now on, “GST”) will be applied on the sales of kits, e-BQC devices and consumables (now on, “Products”) made by BIOQUOCHEM S.L. (now on “BQC”).
  • The customer accepts, with no modification, the GST at the moment he or she makes any Products order to BQC being previously concern of as they are posted in the BQC’s website www.bqckit.com
  • The Product’s orders will follow the GST, which will be complemented with the particular conditions that could be achieved within BQC and the customer. These particular conditions would have preference over the GST whenever BQC has accepted them by written media.


  • The customer will send to BQC the requests for a quote or orders of the Products by written media (by email) specifying the product type, quantity and the BQC’s reference. BQC will send a quotation to the customer with these details and final price including shipping costs if necessary. The customer should agree with this quotation in order to continue with the order preparation.
  • The order must be confirmed by BQC, which will notify to the customer the confirmation no longer than 7 days term. Once the order is confirmed by BQC, the customer would not be able to totally or partially cancel it unless the customer achieves a particular condition with BQC about the cancellation of the order.
  • BQC has no obligation of acceptation of the orders, so BQC keeps the right to reject it, having no responsibility about the order.


  • The delivery orders of the products would be established as estimation or an approximation, never as an exact accomplishment date. So BQC would not be responsible of the delay of the delivery that the costumer could face.
  • BQC will try to attend and supply the products within the established terms as long as it can. So, with it, BQC will be able to make partial deliveries of the orders, accruing each partial delivery the customer obligation of its payment.

5. Price and payment methods

  • As long as it is not specified in the order confirmation, the Products will be assumed to be Ex Works prices Llanera Spain (ICC 2010). Ex Works price do not include special package, transportation, assurance, taxes or other costs.
  • Whenever. BQC will be able to modify the sale prices of the Products. The increment on the price would not affect the Product’s orders on course previously confirmed by BQC.
  • Invoices will be paid following the payment terms and conditions indicated in the product offer. If the offer has not any payment method indicated, will apply as follows: 100% of the EXW price at the moment the order is made and accepted. The rest of the additional costs required by the customer will be add to this price (transport, assurance, taxes or any others).
  • Payment methods:
    • Credit Card
    • Paypal: At BQC we accept payment through PayPal that allows customers with electronic mail to make payments through the Internet in a safe, convenient and profitable way. This form of payment can entail a management fee of 1% on the amount of your purchase and a minimum amount of 0.90 EUR. Payment by Paypal requires a few minutes to be processed and confirmed. For security reasons, if you choose Paypal payment method, no type of change is allowed in the shipping address.
    • Bank Transfer: When selecting the bank transfer as a means of payment, you will receive, along with the confirmation of your order, an e-mail where you will be informed of the account number in which to make the bank transfer in the name of BQC. It is very important that you indicate in the subject the order number, as well as your name and surname, and make the transfer within 3 days after the date of confirmation of the order to be able to validate it. Remember that you must send us the proof of the transfer by e-mail to In any case, the order will not be considered effective until our administration department has no bank confirmation of the transfer. Do not forget that you must make the payment in EUROS and that all possible exchange and banking commissions run on your own when you opt for this payment system. In the case of bank transfers made from outside Spain, it is very important that when ordering the transfer always inform your bank to take charge of the commissions at source, those bank commissions and expenses corresponding to your entity. Otherwise, BQC could paralyze the shipment of your order by not receiving the full amount thereof.
    • Any other payment method agreed between BQC and the customer.

6. Returns & Refunds

In the products acquired by the customer, the following rights apply:

  • Withdrawal right

The customer which buys BQC products has the right to withdrawal in 14 natural day term (not all items will be authorized for return, due to temperature and packing requirements). The withdrawal right will conclude at the 14 natural day term, starting this as the following day the customer or any other indicated by him, though not being the carrier, acquires the requested Products. To wield the Withdrawal right, the customer would have to notify its decision to BQC. The customer may use the withdrawal formulary model annexed to the GST and sending to BQC by email. Whenever a withdrawal is requested, BQC would return all the customer’s payment (except shipping cost) without any delay, being the longest term 14 natural days, starting to count the day BQC is notified by the customer. BQC will refund the customer with the same payment method used firstly by him. This refund would not generate any additional costs to the customer. Nonetheless, BQC may keep in retention this refund till the Product is returned or a proof of its return is showed, taking into account the first condition met.

The customer can return the Products back to BQC at the following address:

Edificio CEEI, Parque Tecnológico de Asturias

33428, Llanera, Asturias, Spain

The customer will have to deliver the Products without delay, and in any case, within the 14 natural day term when the customer notifies BQC its decision. The customer accepts that he will have to assume the direct costs of the return (transport and delivery) of the Products, if any is required. Besides, the customer will be responsible of the decreased value connected to any manipulation of the Product which is not derived of the characteristics, the functionality and the nature of the Product. In any case, not refund will be made if the product has been used furthermore of its opening, of the Products which are not in the same conditions in which they were delivered or the Products damaged further delivered. So on, the Products must be delivered using and including its original packages, the instructions manuals and any other documentation included, also including a copy of the original buying invoice.

Ask us for the Return Product Form or download it here

  • Return of defective products or delivery mistakes

In all the cases in which the customer considers that in the delivery moment the Product does not adjust to the stipulated on the contract, in this case the customer must put in contact with BQC immediately and inform BQC about the disconformities or the defectives of the Products by the means show in the earlier paragraph.

The customer will then be informed how to proceed with the return of the Products. This Products will be examined, and the customer will be informed in a reasonable term if it is able the refund or the substitution of the Product.

The amount paid by those products withdraw by some defect, whenever it really exists, will be completely refund, including the costs of the delivery as well as the costs which the customer may has had in the return. The refund will be done by the same payment method done by the customer at the payment moment.

7. Assurances

The customer has the assurances over the Products that can be buy to BQC, in the legal terms stipulated for each product type responding BQC,  therefore, for the lack of conformity of these that would be informed in the term of two years since the product reception.

In this matter, it’s understand that the products are conformed to the contract always that: they adjust to the description made by www.bqckit.com and have the characteristics presented in the above; they are suitable for the uses that they are commonly used this product type and are fundamentally expected for. When this is not accomplished, the customer must proceed as it was indicated in the “Return of defective products or delivery mistakes”. Nonetheless, some of the commercialized products on the Website, may have some characteristics which may be not homogeneous always these characteristics are due because of the used material, and so they are part of the individual appearance and so on, they would not be a defect.

8. Disclaimer

Unless otherwise provided by law, BQC would not accept any responsibility for any of these losses, independently its origin:

– Whichever losses that is not referable to any neglecting for its side;

– Any indirect loss that wouldn’t be reasonable foreseeable for both sides at the moment the contract of buy/sale of the Products was formalized by each part.

Besides, BQC also limits its responsibility on these cases:

– BQC makes all necessary means to provide a faithful visual representation of the product on the Website, but it does not have responsibility for the minimal differences or inaccuracies due to lack of monitor resolution, problems of the web’s navigator or other problems of this type.

– BQC will act with the maximum diligence at the process of disposable the Products to the transportation company. However, it does not take responsibility for the damage due to the dysfunction of the transportation, especially in cases of strikes, road retentions and others which are internal of the transportation sector, which would derive on delays, losses or steal of the product.

– Technical faults due by luckless causes or whatever fault which inhibit the correct function of the Internet services. Not disposable of the Website by maintenance or others, that prevents access to the service. BQC disposes all the means in order to carry out the process of purchase, payment and shipping/delivery of the Products; however disclaims liability for reasons that are not attributable, fortuitous events or force majeure.

– BQC disclaims liability for bad use or weathering of the products used by the customer. At the same time, BQC would not be responsible for mistakes on the withdrawals made by the customer. Is the customer liability to make the devolution of the correct Product.

– BQC disclaims liability for any unaccomplished or delay on the accomplishment of the obligations assumed whenever it’s due to out of its control events, by force majeure.

9. Data protection

Please refer to Privacy Policy


For the purposes of these GST and any other communication necessary within BQC and the customers, customers will refer to BQC by email (sending a message to or by sending a letter addressed to Bioquochem S.L. Edificio CEEI, Parque Tecnológico de Asturias 33428, Llanera, Asturias, España.

11. Applicable legislation

Conflicts that may arise from the application of these GST will be governed by the laws of Spain, and the maximum extent permitted by law will be submitted to the Courts of the City of Oviedo.