BQCkit is a Brand of Bioquochem

Bioquochem is a biotech company that designs, develops and manufactures kits and devices for rapid and easy quantification of biological parameters or biomarkers. Our kits are more sensitive, accuratereproducible and faster than conventional ones because they have been specifically designed to improve all these characteristics with respect to the products from the competition.


The company is especially committed to offering the best service to our clients, having particular regard to technical assistance before and after an acquisition of our products. BQCkit brand includes a wide range of kits, that is continuously growing due to the active work of our R&D department. Something remarkable is that our products are reasonably priced, but always maintaining the highest quality standards. Finally, as the company is aware of the value of time, we count on the best worldwide delivery service. The company is specialized in the study of cellular biology, taking special attention to oxidative stress and apoptosis. Bioquochem is also aware of the needs of industry and research laboratories and focuses its efforts on the constant development of new products, such as the food analysis line.